To what extent did the outcome of World War I lead to World War II?


To what extent did the outcome of WW1 contribute to WW2?
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To what extent did the outcome of World War I lead to World War II?
  1. German dissatisfaction
    1. Treaty of Versailles
    2. Italian dissatisfaction
      1. No territory in the ToV
        1. Political extremism
          1. Fascism / Mussolini
          2. Failure of Stresa Front
            1. closer links to Hitler
            2. Abyssinia
              1. Undermining the ToV
            3. British dissatisfaction
              1. Did not want to see threat in Germany
                1. Failure of Polish Guarantee
                  1. Colonies
                    1. Appeasment
                    2. the German problem
                      1. 'Perception' of the ToV
                        1. Infrastructure not damaged
                          1. Big army
                          2. the US
                            1. Isolationism / Weakening of the LoN
                              1. Sanctions
                                1. Strength of threat
                                  1. No threat to European affairs
                                2. Eastern Europe
                                  1. Small, crucially new countries
                                    1. large German populations
                                      1. pro - Nazi nationalism
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