Definitions of Abnormality

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AS psychology Definitions of abnormality

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Definitions of Abnormality
  1. Deviation from social norm
    1. refers to behaviours which are anti social/ undesireable.
      1. E.g. in the past, homosexuality was classified as deviant behaviour
        1. such unwritten social rules as manners are era- dependant
          1. Deviance is related to context and degree; depends where you are/when you lived
            1. this definition takes account of the effect that behaviour has on others. it takes account of the greater good of society; E.g. OCD (washing hands)
              1. susceptible to abuse; the concept of social deviancy is related to moral codes or standards subjectively defined by a society.
              2. Failure to function adequately
                1. Refers of the persons ability/ inability to cope with day-to-day living
                  1. Rosenhan and Seligman identified a set of 7 abnormal chracteristics, each of which may not be sufficant to cause a problem but when several are present, then they indicate abnormality
                    1. behaviours include; Suffering, Maladaptiveness, Vividness, Unconventionaly of behaviour, Unpredictability and loss of control, Irrationality, Observer discomfort and Violation of moral and ideal standards
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