Nicole Renard

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A mind map about the character of Nicole Renard from the novel Heroes by Robert Cormier.

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Nicole Renard
  1. Religion
    1. Attended St Jude's with Francis
      1. Sought company of the nuns after the attack
      2. Appearance
        1. Compared to nuns - pure
          1. "Pale purity of her face."
            1. "She was St Therese once more."
              1. Holy being - no sin
                1. "Hands joined together, as if in prayer."
                  1. "Her white dress a blur."
                    1. White = clean, pure
                      1. After the attack her purity has gone
                        1. "Her white blouse torn."
                    2. "Small and slender."
                      1. Pretty - nice figure
                      2. An unobtainable saintly being
                        1. "A rare specimen."
                          1. "Bird-like and graceful."
                            1. Non-human entity
                            2. "A sudden disturbance in the air."
                              1. Visitation?
                        2. Loneliness
                          1. Ran away from her problems
                            1. Didn't tell anyone
                              1. Didn't want to hurt her parents
                            2. Chose loneliness
                              1. "She was like... a hermit."
                                1. "Didn't come out of the house."
                                  1. Only attended the nun's mass
                                    1. Didn't want to be seen?
                                2. Francis
                                  1. Started off as a fairytale for him
                                    1. Equality in communication
                                      1. "She looked our way and waved. I waved back."
                                        1. "The radiance of her face mirroring my own."
                                      2. Guilt/burden
                                        1. Feelings/bad memories
                                        2. She gave him confidence
                                          1. Unfair blame?
                                            1. "In the spill of moonlight, her eyes flashed black with anger."
                                              1. Betrayal?
                                                1. "I'll never leave you."
                                                  1. Ownership
                                                    1. "My silver star hero."
                                            2. Larry LaSalle
                                              1. Close relationship
                                                1. "Larry spoken off hand as if they were more than teacher and pupil."
                                                  1. "His eyes full of her."
                                                    1. Ownership
                                                      1. "My favourite dancer."
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