Environment and Feeding Relationships

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Environment and Feeding Relationships
  1. Different plants and animals live in different habitats
    1. A habitat is the place where an animal or plant lives.
      1. Environmental conditions are different in different seasons.
        1. A habitat supplies plants and animals with shelter, energy and materials.
          1. Living things compete for the things they need.
            1. Green plants transfer light energy to make food.
              1. Green plants are producers.
                1. Food chains start with green plants.
                  1. The arrows in a food chain show energy transfer.
                    1. Food chains show what animals eat.
                      1. We can join food chains to form food webs
                        1. Change in one part of a food web affects other parts of the web.
                      2. Energy is transferred when animals eat plats and other animals.
                        1. Different animals are adapted to feed on different foods.
                          1. Animals are consumers.
                            1. Herbivores eat plants.
                              1. Carnivores eat animals.
                                1. Predators are adapted to kill and eat prey.
                    2. Plants and animals need to adapt to their habitats.
                      1. Two examples of adaption are camouflage and nocturnal activity.
                        1. Different seasons have different climate stresses, such as winter cold.
                          1. To survive climate stress, some animals hibernate and others migrate.
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