Sweet High Tea

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high tea

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Sweet High Tea
  1. Confectionary
    1. Licorice All sorts
    2. Pastries
      1. mini Profiteroles With Preserved Filling
        1. Lemon Tart
        2. Slices And cookies
          1. Scones
            1. Jaffa cake
              1. Shortbread
              2. Sweet Breads
                1. Apricot Couronne
                  1. Chelsea Buns
                  2. Preserved items
                    1. Honeycomb butter filling
                      1. Butterscotch
                        1. Jam
                        2. Cold Desserts
                          1. Lavender Panna cotta
                            1. Individual Cheesecakes
                            2. Cakes
                              1. Fruit cake
                                1. Individual Spounge Cakes
                                  1. Lemon Buttercream Cake
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