GCSE English Language Overview

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An overview of the GCSE English Language Exam

Resource summary

GCSE English Language Overview
  1. Reading
    1. Non-fiction texts
      1. Analyse non-fiction texts
    2. Speaking
      1. Articulate
        1. Body Language
          1. Speaking & Listening
            1. Content
            2. Writing for purposes
              1. Identify
                1. Genre
                  1. Purpose
                    1. Style
                      1. Audience
                2. Writing to advise
                  1. Writing to argue
                    1. Writing to inform
                3. Critical Writing
                  1. Themes and ideas
                    1. Characters and Voices
                      1. Language for and structure
                      2. Creative Writing
                        1. Writing a narrative
                          1. Writing for print
                            1. Writing a review
                              1. Writing for web
                                1. Writing for voice over
                                  1. Writing for autobiography
                        2. Spoken Language
                          1. Analyse Speece
                            1. Capture Speech
                              1. Identify and understand types of speech
                              2. Grammar & Spelling
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