Skeletal and muscular system

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Skeletal and muscular system
  1. Function
    1. Protection
      1. the cranium and ribs protect the brain and vital organs in the chest.
      2. Movement
        1. muscle are attached to bones, which are jointed. When the muscles contract the bones move.
        2. Blood production
          1. red blood cells (to carry oxygen) and white blood cells (to protect against infection) are produced in the bone marrow of some bones.
          2. Support
            1. holds your vital organs in place when playing sport. The vertebral column holds the body upright.
            2. Shape
              1. gives shape to the body and makes you tall or short.
            3. Function
              1. Motion
                1. walking, running etc.
                2. Maintained posture
                  1. standing, sitting etc.
                  2. Heat production
                    1. maintain normal body temperature
                  3. Bones of the body
                    1. `Muscles of the body
                      1. Antagonistic muscles
                        1. What are they?
                          1. Muscles can pull but not push,this would cause an issue if a joint was controlled by one muscle.When the muscle had contracted and pulled on the bone,there would be no way to move the bone back therefore our muscles are in pairs.
                            1. Biceps and triceps are antagonistic muscles
                              1. when the biceps muscle contracts, the forearm moves upwards
                                1. when the triceps muscle contracts, the forearm moves down
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