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  1. relates to the actions takento promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm.
    1. protecting children from maltreatment
      1. preventing impairment of children’s health and development
        1. ensuring that children grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care
          1. taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes and enter adulthood successfully
          2. Children Act 2004
            1. Every Child Matters
              1. set of reforms of Children Act
                1. Aim for every child for:
                  1. be healthy
                    1. stay safe
                      1. enjoy and achieve
                        1. make a positive contributio
                          1. achieve economic well-being
                      2. regional structures
                        1. Safeguarding Children Board.
                          1. highlight their role in terms of public information and education
                            1. aim of ‘making safeguarding everyone’s business’
                              1. resources for practitioners and those living in the specific area
                              2. Area Child Protection Committees
                              3. examples of awareness:
                                1. alcohol and drug use by caregivers
                                  1. impact of domestic violence on children
                                    1. ways to gain access to children via families or workplace
                                      1. The concept of power is central in thinking about child abuse
                                        1. harm that can be caused to children by witnessing the abuse of others
                                        2. Child abuse and child neglect
                                          1. Abuse does not have to be deliberate, it can also occur through the omission of care or thoughtlessness
                                            1. understanding the reasons why something has happened is crucial to how a situation is dealt with
                                              1. Incidence and prevalence
                                                1. only a small proportion of incidents of serious harm to children
                                                  1. extent of unreported abuse is important
                                                  2. indicators of harm
                                                    1. a broad assessment is required
                                                      1. untidy and unclean house
                                                        1. tiredness in the child
                                                          1. poor presentation, poor skin tone, bags or dark circles under their eyes.etc
                                                            1. failure to achieve their developmental milestones is another sign. Failure to seek appropriate medical advice, and lack of protection against dangers.
                                                              1. very passive and very quiet,
                                                              2. Neglect is when a child or young person’s basic care needs are not being met.
                                                                1. food, clothing, warmth, shelter and cleanliness
                                                                2. Physical abuse
                                                                  1. Emotional abuse
                                                                    1. emotional needs are not being met
                                                                      1. not having appropriate stimulation and interaction from the parents to encourage their emotional development
                                                                    2. Sexual abuse
                                                                    3. Adults own emotional ‘baggage’ is an important dynamic in all interactive work with people
                                                                      1. ability to engage in reflective practice
                                                                        1. acting or making decisions is a multi-professional and multi-agency process,
                                                                        2. key child protection processes
                                                                          1. Initial information gathering
                                                                            1. Enquiries and assessment
                                                                              1. police and social workers
                                                                                1. hearing’ the child,
                                                                                  1. hearing concerns from professionals
                                                                                    1. hearing concerns from the community
                                                                                      1. engaging with parents and other primary carers.
                                                                                      2. Listening to children and working with parents
                                                                                        1. Take what the child says seriously
                                                                                          1. Do not guarantee confidentiality
                                                                                          2. Emergency measures
                                                                                            1. application to court for an emergency order to remove the child
                                                                                            2. Multi-agency child protection conferences and plans
                                                                                              1. the professionals will consider, with the parents, whether a Child Protection Plan should be drawn up
                                                                                              2. Finding knowledge and support
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                                                                                              Places and spaces
                                                                                              A critical understanding of policy practice and service
                                                                                              web of relationships
                                                                                              The law
                                                                                              Skills and strategies for practice
                                                                                              Social Pedagogy
                                                                                              In trouble with the law
                                                                                              Social policy and wellbeing
                                                                                              Safeguarding definitions
                                                                                              Extended assessment