Mass Tourism; Kenya

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Mass Tourism; Kenya
  1. Why People Visit Kenya
    1. 700,000 visitors a year
      1. Adventure Tourism
        1. Wildlife Safaris - Big 5
          1. Tribal Culture - Masai Tribe
            1. Masai Mara - wildebeest migration
            2. Beach Tourism
              1. Mombasa
                1. Warm Climate all year - on the Equator
                2. Scenery
                  1. Mt. Kenya
                    1. Lake Victoria
                      1. Great Rift Valley
                        1. National Parks and Reserves - 23
                      2. Maintaining Tourism
                        1. The Tourist board and Ministry of Tourism have launched an advertising campaign in Russia
                          1. 'Magical Kenya'
                          2. Infrastructure
                            1. Airstrips will be built in Ruma and Mount Elgon National Parks to improve accessibility
                              1. £8 million spent to improve roads, bridges and airstrips
                              2. Visa fees for adults cut by 50% in 2009
                                1. No fees for children under 18 to encourage families to visit
                              3. Positives
                                1. Economic
                                  1. Tourism contributes to 15% of Kenya's GDP
                                    1. In 2003 around 219,000 people worked in the tourist industry
                                    2. Social
                                      1. Cultures and Traditions of the Maasai tribe are preserved e.g. traditional dances for tourists
                                      2. Environmental
                                        1. Entry fees to national park help fund maintenance of the parks to protect wildlife
                                      3. Negatives
                                        1. Economic
                                          1. Only 15% of money earned through tourism goes to locals. The rest goes to big companies
                                          2. Social
                                            1. Some Massai tribespeople were forced off their land to create tourist attractions
                                              1. Kenyan Muslims are offended by the way female tourists dress e.g. bikinis
                                              2. Environmental
                                                1. Vegetation destroyed by safari vehicles, causing soil erosion
                                                  1. Wild animals affected - cheetahs change hunting behaviour to avoid crowds of tourists
                                                    1. Coral reefs in the Malindi Marine National Park have been damaged by tourist boats anchoring
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