GCSE Geography - Plate Boundaries

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GCSE Geography - Plate Boundaries
1 Collision boundary
1.1 Plates involved
1.1.1 Eurasian plate
1.1.2 Indo-Australian plate
1.2 What happens
1.2.1 Two continental plates clash into each other
1.2.2 As they collide, they trigger earthquakes
1.2.3 The rock between the plates gets pushed up and folded
1.3 Hazards
1.3.1 Earthquakes
1.4 Landforms
1.4.1 Mountains
2 Conservative boundary
2.1 What happens
2.1.1 Two plates slide in the same direction
2.1.2 However, one is moving faster
2.1.3 As the plates slide past each other, they snag
2.1.4 Pressure and tension builds up as the plates lock together
2.1.5 Eventually one breaks down
2.1.6 This causes a sudden surge forward
2.2 Plates involved
2.2.1 North American plate
2.2.2 Pacific plate
2.3 Hazards
2.3.1 E.g. San Francisco earthquake April 18th 1906 8.25 on Richter scale
2.4 Landforms
2.4.1 San Andreas fault line
3 Destructive boundary
3.1 Plates involved
3.1.1 Nazca plate
3.1.2 Oceanic crust
3.1.3 South American plate
3.1.4 Continental crust
3.2 What happens
3.2.1 Two plates are pushed together
3.2.2 The heavier oceanic plate gets subducted
3.2.3 Oceanic plate sticks and locks as it tries to slide under the continental plate
3.2.4 Heat from friction and the mantle starts to melt the subducted plate
3.3 Hazards
3.3.1 Paricutin volcanoes
3.3.2 Volcanoids
3.4 Landforms
3.4.1 Paricutin volcanoes
3.4.2 Volcanoids
4 Constructive boundary
4.1 Plates involved
4.1.1 North American plate
4.1.2 Eurasian plate
4.2 What happens
4.2.1 Two plates move apart from one another
4.2.2 A gap appears between them
4.2.3 Molten magma rises to fill the gap
4.2.4 This solidifies to create new rocks on the seabed
4.2.5 Over time, the new rocks build up and break through the surface
4.3 Hazards
4.3.1 Volcanoes undersea
4.4 Landforms
4.4.1 Surtsey Island Created 14th November 1963 Off the coast of Iceland
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