Impressions of Pliny the Elder

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Impressions on Pliny the Elder

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Impressions of Pliny the Elder
  1. Scholarly with a scientific mind
    1. He is constantly making notes - 'he would study up to dinner time' & 'while he was being scrubbed down and dried, he would listen to something or he would dictate'
    2. High class and privileged
      1. He is given daily tasks ('salutatio') by the Emperor himself - 'before light, he used to go to the Emperor Vespasian' and he has slaves which carried him around in a 'sedan chair' as well as a secretary 'at his side...with a book and writing tablets'
      2. Disciplined and hard-working
        1. He has a very fixed daily routine to enable maximum productivity - he wakes up early to work, 'before light' which shows his dedication and even when he would 'lie in the Sun, a book would be read out [and] he would have notes and extracts made'
        2. Narrow-minded in his attitudes towards studying and scornful of others who are less productive
          1. Pliny the Younger is told that he 'could have not wasted these hours' because he was walking and not studying
          2. Heroic
            1. He goes to save Rectina and the others, even though he is aware of the dangers and risks at stake as he tells the Helmsman 'Fortune favours brave people: Make for Pomponianus'
            2. His strength is shown through his ability to remain calm in the face of danger
              1. He is so relaxed that he is able to carry on with his daily routines of bathing as he 'gave orders to be carried to thee bathroom' and 'after his bath, he reclined and had dinner' & 'he indeed rested with a very real sleep' in contrast to the others 'who had stayed awake all night'
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