Hybrid Systems

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Hybrid systems

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Hybrid Systems
  1. They award a proportion of the seats available on a majoritarian basis (i.e. using FPTP) with the remainder being allocated on a proportional basis (e.g. party list)
    1. Hybrid systems seek to retain the strong MP-Constituent link and majority government commonly associated with majoritarian systems, while introducing more voter choice & a greater degree of proportionality
      1. FPTP-top-up is a variant of AMS that is used in the elections to the Scottish Parliament, Welsh assembly and Greater London assembly.
        1. AV+ is the system proposed by the Jenkins Commission
          1. AMS is the system used in Germany. 50% of the seats are allocated under FPTP, with the remainder distributed proportionally. There is a threshold of 5% which parties must cross before they are entitled to any additional seats.
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