Eastern Europe

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Notes on Eastern Europe for my Geography spring exam

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Eastern Europe
  1. Poland
    1. Poland is covered by the North European Plain
      1. 95% are Roman Catholic
        1. Not multiethnic due to Holocaust
          1. Population of mainly Poles
          2. Solidarity is an independent Polish workers' labor union
            1. Solidarity pressed for economic and democratic reform
            2. WWII-1989: dominated by Soviet Union
              1. Communist government put into place
                1. Polish wanted and fought for freedom
                  1. Converting state-controlled industries into private enterprises was difficult
                    1. Unemployment, Price increases, and difficulty attracting foreign investors have been problems for economy
              2. Poland has large deposits of coal, sulfur, and copper
                1. Depends on other countries for iron ore and petrolium
                  1. Feritle Soil
                2. Czech Republic
                  1. Two Regions
                    1. Bohemia
                      1. Coal, iron ore, copper, lead, and quartz
                      2. Moravia
                        1. Moravia's old coal and steel industries face an uncertain future
                      3. Air and water pollution
                        1. 56% of Czech forests destroyed by acid rain and industrial pollution
                        2. Plateaus and mountains
                          1. Size of South Carolina
                        3. Slovakia
                          1. Independent in 1993 when Czechoslovakia was peacefully divided
                            1. Mixed economy of farming and manufacturing
                              1. Not as successful as the Czechs in building a post-Soviet government and economy
                              2. Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary share Western outlooks and ways
                                1. Hungary
                                  1. Population dominated by Magyars
                                    1. Roman Catholic
                                      1. Ruled by foreign countries for much of its history
                                      2. Known as the "breadbasket of Europe" because of its fertile soil
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