How was Soviet control carried out, 1945-47?

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Describing how each Eastern European country was controlled during the years 1945-47 by the Soviets.

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How was Soviet control carried out, 1945-47?
    1. 1. June 1945 - coalition gov of several parties is set up
      1. 2. January 1947 - rigged elections to ensure election of totally communist gov
        1. Succeed
        2. 3. Leader of main opposition party, Stanislaw Milokajcyk - fled to London
        3. ROMANIA
          1. 1. Early 1945, coalition gov set up
            1. 2. January 1945, communists take part in demonstrations to disrupt the gov
              1. Encouraged by Stalin
              2. 3. March 1945, Soviet army intervenes
                1. It disarms the Romanian army
                  1. Forces King to appoint a communist-dominated gov
                    1. Under Petru Groza
                  2. 4. November 1946 elections, communists gain 80% votes
                    1. The following year, communists abolish the monarchy
                  3. HUNGARY
                    1. 1. Country begins to experience an economic crisis
                      1. After the Smallholders' Party is elected in the August 1945 elections
                      2. 2. Communist party is able to seize control of Ministry of the Interior
                        1. Which controlled the police
                        2. 3. In 1947, Bela Kovacs (leader of Smallholders' Party) is arrested
                          1. 4. Prime Minister, Imre Nagy, is forced to resign
                            1. 5. Election of August 1947 results in communists securing majority of votes
                              1. Soon all other parties are banned
                            2. CZECHOSLOVAKIA
                              1. 1. Communists had great support in CZCHSLVK
                                1. By 1947, they were the largest party in coalition gov
                                  1. Controlled police and armed forces
                                2. 2. In 1948, they used the army to seize control
                                  1. Many non-communist arrested
                                    1. Foreign secretary, non-communist, Jan Masaryk - murdered
                                  2. 3. Rigged elections resulted in a communist victory
                                    1. All other political parties - banned
                                  3. BULGARIA
                                    1. 1. Late 1944, a communist-dominated gov is set up
                                      1. 2. November 1945, communists won rigged elections
                                        1. In the following year, all other parties are banned
                                      2. YUGOSLAVIA
                                        1. 1. Communist resistance fought against Germans during war
                                          1. 2. Marshal Tito, elected President
                                            1. Had no intentions of taking Stalin's orders
                                            2. 3. Yugoslavia is expelled from Communist International Bureau (Cominform)
                                              1. Other communist countries applied economical sanctions
                                              2. 4. Tito then accepted aid from the West
                                                1. This was a way of challenging Stalin further
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