Religious organisations and movements

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Religious organisations and movements

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Religious organisations and movements
  1. Churches
    1. large organiations
      1. few demands of members
        1. monopoly of the truth
          1. Linked to the state
          2. Sects
            1. Small
              1. exclusive groups
                1. hostile to wider society
                  1. breakaways from existing religions
                    1. monopoly of the truth
                    2. Cults
                      1. least organised of all organisations
                        1. Highly individualistic
                          1. no defining belief system
                            1. new religions
                            2. Denominations
                              1. accepts societies values
                                1. not linked to the state
                                  1. tolerant of other religions
                                  2. New Religious Movements (NRMs)
                                    1. World Rejecting NRMs
                                      1. critical of the outside world
                                        1. expect radical change from followers
                                          1. limited contact with outside world
                                          2. World Accommodating NRMs
                                            1. Breakaways from existing churches
                                              1. They neither accept or reject the world
                                              2. World Affirming NRMs
                                                1. followers can access spiritual or supernatural powers
                                                  1. promise followers success in their goals
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