Unit 2 - Religious Authority

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WJEC RS GCSE Unit 2 - Authority mindmap

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Unit 2 - Religious Authority
  1. Keywords
    1. Authority - Power over others
      1. Duty - tasks we are expected to do
        1. Justice - everyone has equal opportunities and human rights
          1. Human rights - Rights that every human has
            1. Personal conviction - Personal beliefs that may not follow a religion
              1. Punishment - Make someone feel pain or loss for wrongdoing
              2. Duty
                1. Christians
                  1. 10 Commandments
                    1. Love one's neighbour as oneself
                      1. Parable of the good Samaritan
                        1. Expected to use talents wisely
                        2. Islam
                          1. Expected to keep the 5 pillars
                            1. Shari'ah laws that cover all aspects of life
                          2. Punishment
                            1. Christianity
                              1. If people sin or commit crimes, justice must follow
                                1. Most believe that God will judge a person after death
                                2. Islam
                                  1. Believers should make the choice between good and evil
                                    1. Punishment is an important aspect of justice
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