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mng100- learning outcome 2

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  1. Content theories looks at the need an individual requires
    1. Malsows heirachy of needs of safety, economic, political and legal, psycholigcal and self accuraltion
      1. clayton broke the 5 needs into 3. existence, relantance and growth
      2. 2 factor theory - hygiene- the actual environment and satisfying the indivdual needs
        1. 3 needs power, growth and the need for relationship and expectance
        2. process theories look at the step involved in an indivdual to make a decision about the behaviour they choose
          1. Vroom theory expectancy (can i do it) X the outcome x the value of the task. all these are required to ensure one is kept motivated in perfroming there tasks
            1. Adam equity thory - the social comparision in the organisation play a role in the indivdual motivation
              1. Lewins theory look at goal setting and the need for the goal to be a challenge to ensure the individual is getting the most out of the goal and stasfied with completing the task
                1. expectancy theory - the manager needs to ensure that the rewards is valued and of purpose to the indivdual.
                2. manager can motivate an individual by
                  1. empowerment and encouragement.
                    1. job rotation - keep the job interest giving employee different things to do
                      1. job enlargement - giving the employee new tasks
                        1. job enrichement - giving the employee a promotion or more responsbility
                        2. guide, encourage employee to perform to the best of there abilities and in line of the organisation strategic objective.
                          1. Instrintic rewards - given by the individual
                            1. extrinstic rewards - given by someone else such as employee of the month
                            2. reinforcement theory - behaviour of an indivdual is determined by the consquence of the behaviour .
                              1. positive reinformcent, negative reinfrocement, punshiment
                              2. Remunration- is what the employee recieves for there work
                                1. merit pay
                                  1. pay for performance
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