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  1. Plant Cell Characterists
    1. Animal Cell Characterists
      1. Mitochondria
        1. Cell Membrane
        2. Cytoplasm
          1. Nucleus
        3. Cell Wall
          1. Cell Membrane
          2. Permanent vacuole
            1. Chloroplast
              1. Nucleus
                1. Mitochondria
            2. Enzymes
              1. They speed up chemical reactions
                1. Proteins- chains of amino acids
                  1. 37 degrees- optimum temperature
              2. Aerobic Respiration
                1. Glucose + Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide + Water +Energy
                2. Anaerobic Respiration
                  1. Glucose = Lactic Acid + Energy
                    1. Yeast
                  2. Photosynethis
                    1. Carbon Dioxide + Water =Light and chlorophyll= Glucose + Oxygen
                    2. Diffussion
                      1. Movement of substances from regions of high concentration to low concentration
                      2. Active Transport
                        1. Movement of substances from regions of low to high concentration against a concentration gradient. This require energy from respiration to do this
                        2. Osmosis
                          1. Movement of water from a dilute solution to a more concentrated solution through a partially permeable membrane
                          2. Collecting data
                            1. A quadrat is anything with a defined area
                              1. A Transect is a random section across an area (line or band)
                            2. Nitrates can be absorbed into roots through active transport
                              1. Any one of the following factors can limit the rate of photosythesis
                                1. Temperature
                                  1. Carbon dioxide
                                    1. Light intensity
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