how to cook

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this asks questions that help people cook

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how to cook
  1. does cooking bacon take any skill?
    1. does turkey bacon taste better than real bacon?
      1. how do you cook steak medium rare?
        1. how long do you cook meatloaf?
          1. how long does steak cook for?
            1. a longer time than wanted.
            2. An hour or 2
            3. cook the steak for 30 to 60 minutes
            4. no it does not at all
            5. Is deep frying dangerous?
              1. how does deep fried ice cream taste?
                1. how do you cook deep fried ice cream?
                  1. is deep fried ice cream different then Mexican deep fried ice cream?
                    1. no their is not really a diffrence
                    2. deep fry a ball of ice cream
                    3. to me not so good
                    4. Yes it is very dangerous and a hazord
                    5. How should ribs be cooked to so people think its perfect.
                      1. no ribs can never be perfect their is just bod or good
                      2. a little bit of effort
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