Occurance of Earthquakes

Tom Cahill
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Tom Cahill
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Leaving Cert Geography (Physical Geography) Mind Map on Occurance of Earthquakes, created by Tom Cahill on 10/27/2013.

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Occurance of Earthquakes
1 Plate Tectonics (Theory)
1.1 lithosphere consists of large, rigid sections called plates
1.1.1 Convection Currents - driving force
2 Earthquakes
2.1 Sudden release of energy on earths surface
2.1.1 vibrations or shocks
3 Plates
3.1 Jam or stick together
3.2 build up of stress in rocks
3.2.1 stress releases - plates slip seismic waves
4 Shallow Focus (<70km)
4.1 passive boundaries
4.1.1 Pacific and N. American
4.2 smaller magnitude than deep focus
4.3 account for 75% of earthquakes
5 Deep Focus (300km)
5.1 convergent
5.1.1 heaviest plate is subducted
5.2 Indian and Eurasian
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