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1 The fertile soil and large source of water from the Tigris and Eugphrates River enabled farming in Mesopotamia
1.1 The Mesopotamians invented canals to bring the water from the rivers to the different towns. In the towns, they would allow certain amounts of water into each part of the city-state.
1.1.1 Farming in Mesopotamia had a lasting contribution because other people could do different jobs while farmers fed the city-state.
2 Occupational possibilities that arose from a surplus of food were traders, craftsmen, farmers, or preists.
2.1 The technology needed by the surplus of food were plows that oxen or cattle pulled and corn cutters to harvest crops quickly
2.1.1 Specialization to writing has helped in civilizations so the people can keep track of their resources and what they trade
3 Archiology has contributed to our understanding of Sumarion spiritual beliefs by finding ancient artifacts that show their pride in craftsmanship
3.1 The belief in afterlife is important because people can have a chance to live on longer after death
3.1.1 The people of Mesopotamia were willing to pay taxes because they knew it would go to the Preists that supported the king. The king was a human form of the god of which the people of each city-state would warship

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