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9-Li, Ma'am Janice

Resource summary

  1. examining and understanding characters, words, or sentences
    1. Types of Reading
      1. Literal
        1. understanding what the actual words say
        2. Inferential
          1. figuring out what the author is implying but not saying
          2. Analytical
            1. paying close attention to the ways in which authors organize their ideas
            2. Critical
              1. understanding the author's purposes
            3. Efficient Reading
              1. learn to concentrate on your goals
                1. pace yourself as you read
                  1. focus on your purpose
                    1. read with a pen in your hand
                      1. divide the big tasks
                        1. don't underline as you read
                          1. use highlighters after reading and marking
                            1. anticipate and prepare for reading test questions
                            2. On Reading Fiction
                              1. subjective, usually subtle
                                1. title and chapter headings may provide clues about plot or theme
                                  1. take note of events, plot, characters, setting, theme, and language
                                    1. mark words and passages
                                      1. identify relationships between characters
                                      2. On Reading Sciences
                                        1. precise, plain, objective
                                          1. key idea and detail
                                            1. new material builds up on previous knowledge
                                              1. textbook
                                                1. explanation
                                                  1. example
                                                    1. exercise
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