Athlete vs. Mathlete

Morgan Simms
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Morgan Simms
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Athlete vs. Mathlete
  1. Athlete vs. Mathlete
    1. Setting
      1. Russell and Owen's house and their school
        1. Present
        2. Characters
          1. Dad
            1. Wants both the boys to do their best
              1. Loves basketball
              2. Russell
                1. Tall
                  1. Smart
                  2. Owen
                    1. Short
                      1. Athletic
                    2. Main conflict
                      1. Russel makes the basketball team and ruins it for Owen, while his place as the math club captain is in jeopardy.
                        1. Both boys are going to lose their favorite thing in life, basketball and math club.
                        2. Theme
                          1. It is good to try new things and accept people
                            1. Russel did both basketball and math club because it made him happy. Owen didn't want Russell to play basketball but he still played because he loves it. It eventually worked out for the best.
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