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Book project

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1 Characters
1.1 Miles
1.1.1 Strong hearted
1.1.2 Smart
1.2 Zach
1.2.1 Fast
1.2.2 Atheletic
1.3 Coach Stahl
1.3.1 Mean
1.3.2 Unfair
2 Setting
2.1 Time
2.1.1 Present day
2.2 Place
2.2.1 Confluence: State unknown
3 Theme
3.1 Even if is seems wrong always do what you know is right.
3.2 How brought up in the book: Zach takes steroids to help him play better and Miles is really tempted to take them also to get better.
4 Main conflict
4.1 Conflict/Problem Miles's dad is very mad and always hard on on Miles and always yells at him.
4.2 Cause: Miles had an older brother who died before Miles was born and Miles's father thinks its his fault so he is always mad.
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