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This is my book project about Fitz.

Resource summary

  1. By Mick Cochrane
    1. Setting
      1. In the morning
        1. St. Paul, Minasota
        2. Characters
          1. Annie/Mom
            1. mean
              1. Selfish
              2. Fitz
                1. shy
                  1. Greedy
                    1. Left out
                    2. Curtice/Dad
                      1. shy
                        1. Brave
                      2. Theme
                        1. Message: Treat others you want to be treated.
                          1. How brought out in book: When Annie kicked Curtice out of the house for no reason so Annie was not treating Curtice the way she wanted to be treated.
                          2. Main Conflict
                            1. Problem: Fitz is mad because he does not have a father to hang out with and to play with and Curtice does not visit Fitz and Annie.
                              1. Cause: Annie told Curtice It would be better if you left.
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