The League After the Depression

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The League After the Depression
1 Faliures
1.1 Manchuria 1931-33
1.1.1 After the depression, Japan, who relied on exports to the USA and China, was hit badly as both countries struggled to keep their own businesses going Japan invaded Manchuria for recources Set up puppet government Ignores demands by civilian government to withdraw Army controlled foreign policy Also bombed Shanghai The League's Response Sent officials to investigate situation Decides Japan acted unlawfully Japan intends to invade more of China Report by officials approved 42-1 Japan leaves league Invaded Jehal Problems Countries had important trading links with Japan Britain wanted to keep relationship No ban on arms sales Britain and France would not risk armies Only countries with enough recourses, USA and USSR were not members The League did nothing Hitler and Mussolini watched on as the league failed
1.2 Abyssinia
1.2.1 Mussolini wanted African Empire Invaded Abyssinia Economic sanctions against Italy (except oil) Britain and France secretly give parts of Abyssinia to Italy to retain ally in exchange for withdrawal Public outrage - plan abandoned Italy completes conquest Hitler notices weakness of league Remilitarises Rhineland Italy allies with Germany Leaves league in 1937 Harre-Lavel Plan
2 Why the league failed
2.1 Britain and France only acted in accordance with their own interests
2.2 USA absent
2.3 No real power
2.4 Long Term Results
2.4.1 Countries lost faith in league
2.4.2 Started to rearm
2.4.3 Formed secret alliances
3 How the depression affected the league
3.1 Depended on economic sanctions
3.1.1 Countries wanted to protect all trade
3.2 Countries were too busy sorting out own problems
3.3 Countries were more willing to fight to survive
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