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Skills of Effective Citizens


Damiano Krasniqi
Mind Map by Damiano Krasniqi, updated more than 1 year ago
Damiano Krasniqi
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Skills of Effective Citizens
    1. to see how far cities are
      1. religious beliefs
        1. work on protecting wildlife
          1. make a timeline about Indus river
            1. listing effects of an invasion
            2. Studying Bantu tribes
            3. learn the favorite foods of jungle pygimies
              1. writing a travel guide to Indonesia
          2. HISTORY
            1. past battles
              1. causes of BC
                1. teach about ancient Egyptions
                  1. radio carboned dinosour bones
                  2. analyzing the major events of Ming Dynasty
              2. GOVERNMENT
                1. Government deals with the issues
                  1. participating in a debate
                    1. identifying different types of government
                      1. signing a petition
                        1. be a police officer
                          1. run for city council
                          2. going to a political rally
                            1. represent the USA as an embassador in Kenya
                            2. bill of rights
                            3. represent a defendant at a criminals trial
                          3. ECONOMY
                            1. household budgets
                              1. contacting representitves
                                1. support clean water projects
                                  1. protecting wildlife
                                    1. selling auto parts
                                    2. making a deal with Chinese company to trade watches
                                      1. captain a ship across the atlantic
                                    3. hire a company to move your products
                                      1. working in Sierra Leone for diamonds
                                    4. decide how many goods to produce
                                      1. predict the population density in 20 years
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