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  1. The 4 Types
    1. Belief System (Dhannal Jahiliyya)
      1. Had the wrong idea about Allah. Believed and worshipped idols
        1. Bedouin Polytheism was the dominant religion although there was some Jews and Christians
        2. Social Norms (Tabarrujul Jahiliyya)
          1. People at this time used to show off about everything whether it be wealth or the status or their clothes.
            1. The main things that took place during this time
              1. Female infantice
                1. Arabs were embarrassed at the birth of baby daughters
                  1. Led to some fathers burying them alive
                2. Poor women rights
                  1. Didn't have the right to inheritance
                    1. A women had no right on her husband
                      1. They didn't really have a status of any kind other than sex objects
                        1. They didn't have the right to free speech
                        2. Gambling
                          1. Drinking
                        3. Judicial System (Hukmal Jahiliyya)
                          1. No laws and no justice so the powerful tribes and powerful clans would win
                          2. Loyalty Systemm (Hamiyatul Jahiliyya)
                            1. All Arabs were loyal to the clan they were from. They would fight and die for thier clans
                          3. Tribal Clan System
                            1. Moral and social status
                              1. determined by their tribal clan
                              2. Tribal clans offer protection
                                1. Usually boastful, loyal and violent
                                  1. No tribe
                                    1. Become a slave
                                  2. The tribes
                                    1. Kanna Tribe
                                      1. Uzza was the God of these two tribes In Mecca
                                        1. Worshipped the moon
                                        2. Quraysh Tribe
                                            1. known as prolific merchant traders
                                              1. also controlled the Ka'aba
                                                1. split into the Banu Hashim tribe
                                                  1. In which the Prophet Muhammad was born
                                                2. Thaqif Tribe
                                                  1. Lat
                                                    1. An idol fixed at Taif as a diety of the Thaqif tribe.
                                                  2. Banu Aws Tribe
                                                    1. Manat was the diety of these tribes in Medina
                                                    2. Banu Khazraj Tribe
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