Second Language Acquisition

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Second Language Acquisition
1 Noam Chomsky
1.1 Language Acquisition Device
1.1.1 Children are not mimicking language but creating it themselves. They use language appropriately by age 5.
1.2 Universal Grammar
1.2.1 All language is built off the same foundation. The only difference lies in it's utilization. Grammatically show how words play the same roles in the various languages
2 Stephen Krashen
2.1 Input Hypothesis Theory
2.1.1 Language is understood when the message of the language is understood. ELL will better grasp language by making clear connections to what they already know
3 B. F. Skinner
3.1 Behaviorism Theory
3.1.1 Human behavior can be learned by positive or negative reinforcement, stimulus, and response Giving an ELL a smile and high five for answering correctly gives them incentive to continue in the right direction
4 R.C. Anderson
4.1 Information Processing Theory
4.1.1 Gathering together bits and pieces of information and knowledge and polishing them into complex thinking. Have ELL take smaller words they understand to make sentences and phrases then progress to conversation
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