Elements of the novel

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Elements of the novel
1 The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall
1.1 Mary Downing Hahn
2 Setting
2.1 Place: In Crutchfield hall
2.1.1 Time: Old times
3 Characters
3.1 Aunt
3.1.1 Uncle Sophia,Florence,and Jame's uncle
3.1.2 James Sophia's brother that is super sick.
3.1.3 Nellie Florence She is new she was in a orphanage The servant
3.1.4 She is mean and only likes Sophia\ when she was alive
3.2 Sophia
3.2.1 Ghost that haunts James and Florence
3.3 Kids in the village
4 Main Conflict
4.1 Florence and James are afraid of Sophia
5 Theme
5.1 Believe in ghost
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