elements of the novel

Brendan Hipkins
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Brendan Hipkins
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elements of the novel
  1. sharpshooter
    1. theme
      1. always move forward
        1. because in the story he always goes farther into the army doing better things
        2. setting
          1. 1955
            1. vietnam war
            2. characters
              1. Ivan
                1. brave and leaderful
                2. morris
                  1. scared and not brave
                  2. beck
                    1. brave and ready to go to war
                  3. Main Conflict
                    1. the conflict is that Ivan wants to go to war and he does and he's a sniper and he helps cover a special team so they can do their mission.
                      1. The cause is his da used to be a tank driver and that's why he wants to go in the army so he's just following in his dads footsteps
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