Leda and the Swan

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Created by bkayc42 almost 6 years ago
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English Language Techniques
Leda and the Swan
1 Colonilisation a cultural exchange
1.1 "Did she put on his knowledge with his power"
1.2 Consequences of the rape
1.2.1 Burning of Troy (Helen of Troy) Foundation of Rome Spreading of Western (Greek) culture Modern civilisation
1.2.2 Zuegma Suggests that one action leads to many consequences Engenders
1.2.3 Consequences of Colonisation Maud Gonne (Helen of Troy) Yeats enriching Irish culture Cultural Exchange between Ireland and England
1.3 Ireland-Leda
1.3.1 Ireland reduced to vunerable beautiful woman -When You are Old
1.3.2 suggestion Leda was complicit in the rape "losening thighs"
1.4 Zeus - England
1.4.1 More powerful than Ireland
2 Unity
2.1 Yeats is Protestant
2.1.1 personal culture hybridity leads to wanting unity- Yeats and Postcolonialism
2.1.2 Conflicted by his English background and Irish Culture
2.2 Leda and the swan are united
2.2.1 Can not tell the difference between them Yeats does not specify who
3 Form
3.1 Sonnet
3.1.1 Ironic -a love poem about a rape
3.2 Absence of rhyming couplet at the end
3.2.1 On going consequences
3.2.2 No difference between England and Ireland anymore

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