Living in the Trenches

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life in the trenches

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Living in the Trenches
1 Daily Death
1.1 Shellfire directed by the enemy resulted in random death
1.2 Disease wrought a heavy toll
1.3 Novice cautioned against the inclination to peer over the parapet of the trenches into No Man's Land Land
2 Rat Infestation
2.1 Millions of rats infested the trenches
2.2 Brown rat were feared most
2.3 They fed on human remains
3 No Man's Land
3.1 Two sets opposing trenches called No Man's Land
3.2 No solider traverse the distant, they feared of being attacked
3.3 Climate really wet, mud bath
3.3.1 So thick you could disappear
4 Conditions
4.1 Lice and Worse
4.1.1 Lice bred were in seams of filthy clothing
4.1.2 Lice caused trench fever
4.1.3 Recovery time twelve weeks
4.2 Trench Foot
4.2.1 Could result in amputation
4.2.2 Cold wet and insanitary conditions
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