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Ecology + Classification 1


ecology + classification~
Amanda Chuah
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Amanda Chuah
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Ecology + Classification 1
  1. Prokaryotic cells
    1. no membrane-bound organelles
      1. bacteria
        1. archaea
      2. Eukaryotic cells
        1. have membrane bound organelles
          1. animal cells
            1. irregular shape
            2. plant cells
              1. geometrical (definite) shape for structural support
              2. Nucleus, chloroplast, vacuole, mitochondria
            3. Similarities between animal and plant cells
              1. Presence of mitochondria
                1. Presence of well-defined nucleus
                  1. Presence of vacuoles
                    1. Presence of plasma membrane
                    2. Differences between animal and plant cells
                      1. Chloroplasts (plant)
                        1. Cellulose cell wall (plant)
                          1. Regular shape (plant)
                            1. Lysosomes (animal)
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