Kick By Walter Dean Myers and Ross Workman

Tyson Bates
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Tyson Bates
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Kick by Walter Dean Myers and ross Workman TYson bates

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Kick By Walter Dean Myers and Ross Workman
  1. Characters
    1. Sergeant Brown
      1. He is a guy.
        1. cop
      2. Keivn Johnson
        1. A young boy
          1. Plays soccor.
      3. Main Conflict
        1. Kevin went to jail and the girls father was going to sow him.
          1. kevin getting in the car with her.
          2. Theme
            1. He got into a car and the poilce officer thought he stole it.
              1. Dont get in trouple over stupid things.
              2. settings
                1. It didnt say.
                  1. It didnt say.
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