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  1. Predation among Microbes
    1. -many microbes feed on each other
      1. protozoa often eat bacteria amoebas eat other microbes
        1. bacteria feeding on other bacteria
          1. vampirovibro attacks & kills some species of algae
            1. Myxcoccus- attacks & kills some bacteria
              1. bdellovibrio enters bacteria and digests from within
            2. Parasites of other microbes
              1. bacteriophages- parasites of bacteria
                1. some bacteria are parasites for protozoa
                  1. ex. Legionella is a parasite of amoebas
                  2. Virophage are viruses that parasitize other viruses
                  3. Competition
                    1. many organisms compete directly with each other
                      1. if found in the body (normal microbiota) compete with potential invaders & prevent foregien microbes from infecting the body
                        1. Lactobacillus acidophilus in the vagina prevent growth of other pathogens
                      2. Cooperation (mutualism)
                        1. some microbes help each other
                          1. the waste product of some microbes are used a food for another
                          2. Nitrosomonas excretes the toxic waste product NO2(nitrite) Nitrobacteria uses NO2 as an energy source and thus eliminates it
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