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1 adaptations
1.1 structural
1.1.1 cell wall cell shape no osmotic lysis no toxic substances + pathogenicity peptydoglycan inhibited by penicillin network of sugar polymers
1.1.2 flagellum locomotion not extension of membrane larger and thicker
1.1.3 fimbriae stick to substrate thin and short
1.1.4 capsule resist phagocytosis no dehydration no hydrophobic detergents
1.1.5 pili larger than fimbiae HGT
1.2 functional
1.2.1 genetic diversity rapid reproduction low rate of Mutation still rapid evolution binary fision Genetic Recombination transformation uptake DNA from environment transduction bacteriophages conjugation genes transfered
1.2.2 metabolic carbon autotrophs heterotrophs energy phototrophs photo-heterotrophs photo-autotrophs chemotrophs chemo-heterotrophs chemo-autotrophs nitrogen fixation N2 to NH3 cooperation use resources that can't be used as individuals
1.3 Internal Morphology
1.3.1 Plasma membrane acquire nutrients waste removal maintain constant presure photosynth respiration synthesis lipids cell wall constituents
1.3.2 Chromosome circular no membrane nucleoid
1.3.3 Plasmids R-resistance F-fertility Virulent +phatogenic
2 gram +
3 gram neg
3.1 proteobacteria
3.1.1 α (alpha) possibly endosymbiosys mitochondria
3.2 chlamydias
3.3 spirochetes
3.4 cyanobacteria
3.4.1 possible endosymbiosys chloroplasts
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