Population, Sustainability & Malthus

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This is a basic mind map connecting Malthusian theory about population, and sustainability. It also addresses whether he was correct or not.

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Population, Sustainability & Malthus
1 Thomas Malthus
1.1 Postulated theory called "Cycle of Misery"


1.1.1 Human growth is geometrical, while food growth is arithmetical
1.1.2 In the long term, human population won't increase significantly due to obstacles Predators Food scarcity Disease War
1.2 During the Irish Potato Famine, England was influenced to do nothing by his theory, because they partly thought it was simply a natural cyclical process
2 Malthus was wrong
2.1 Humans have overcome these population obstacles for the most part
2.1.1 Agricultural inventions and breakthroughs took place China with it's rice paddies having two harvests per year Private property in Europe led to lots of experiments with fertilizer, plants, etc... Breakthrough in food supply
2.1.2 Medicine has grown exponentially Vaccines
2.2 ex) 1750-1850, the population increased by 0.5 billion
2.2.1 ex) 1960, the population reached 3 billion. Nowadays, we're avea billion new souls every 15 years.
3 But was he really wrong?
3.1 The idea that resources are finite is something that we are rediscovering!
3.1.1 Climate Change
3.1.2 Oil production has already peaked and will only head downwards from now.


3.1.3 Carrying capacity
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