Hodges and Tizard - Privation

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A Levels Psychology (AS) Mind Map on Hodges and Tizard - Privation, created by Jessica Phillips on 10/09/2015.

Jessica Phillips
Created by Jessica Phillips about 4 years ago
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Hodges and Tizard - Privation
1 Studied 45 British children
1.1 Placed in institutions when less than 4 months old
1.1.1 Strict policy in institutions that caregiver can't form attachments with children Early study found that 70% were described as not able to care about anyone Can conclude from this that most, if not all, experienced early emotional privation Observed until the age of 16 Many left the institutions (ex-institutional) Some were adopted Attachment to parents was the same as the control group Some were restored to their parents Less likely to form attachments with mother Both adopted and restored children had problems with their peers and showed signs of disinhibited attachment Supports Bowlby's theory - Sensitive period

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