I'm the King of the Castle

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I'm the King of the Castle
1 'I'm never afraid.' Hooper, chapter 1
2 'I hate Hooper.' Kingshaw, chapter 10
3 'failed...from the very beginning'.About Joseph, chapter1
4 'no longer feel alone.' Joseph's hope when the Kingshaws arrive
5 'ashamed' Helena
6 'take no notice.' Helena
7 'sobbing and panting' about Kingsaw
8 'relentless persecution' about Kingshaw
9 'liked the sense of being completely hidden' about Kingshaw
10 'nobody must come to Warings.' Hopper
11 'smiled a sweet smile'. about Hooper
12 'spurt of trumph' Hooper
13 'ugly' Warings
14 'entirely graceless' Warings
15 'unlived in' Warings
16 'unhappy memories' Warings
17 'liked it here' Kingshaw about Hang Wood
18 'shaft of sunlight' Hang Wood
19 'never wants to leave it' Kingshaws comment on Hang Wood
20 'I'm the King of the Castle' Kingshaw at Leydell Castle
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