Methods of Propaganda

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Methods of Propaganda
1 Newspapers
1.1 Censorship
1.1.1 Editors held responsible for an oppositional articles Editors Law
1.2 Step-by-step
1.2.1 1. Socialists and Communist closed 2. Nazis bought out newspapers (27 daily newspapers with 2.4million circulation) 3. News agencies state controlled-censored before reaching press 4. Daily briefing for journalists
1.3 Daily briefings
1.3.1 Issued details of what could and could not be printed
1.3.2 Often issued complete articles which newspapers were obliged to print
1.3.3 By late 1930's 50% of newspaper articles had been issued by DNB
1.4 Purge
1.4.1 Socialist and Communists publishing houses were shut down
1.4.2 Increased direct ownership over newspapers
2 Radios
2.1 Plays and talk shows focused on Nazi Ideology - Based on the theme of race, blood and the Volksgemeinschaft
2.2 Only Hitler made radio speeches - not too political
2.2.1 50 speeches in 1933 alone Over 4.5million German households in possession of a radio
2.2.2 Efficient means of communication
2.3 13% purged after coming under state control Dismissed on political or racial grounds
3 Posters
3.1 Glorify War
3.2 Spread Nazi Ideology
3.3 Raise Morale
4 Parades and Spectacles
4.1 Nuremburg Rallies
4.1.1 1937 - 100,000 attendance Used to create a sense of a large, well-supported and disciplined organisation Discipline was highlighted by theatricality of the marches and the uniforms members worn
4.1.2 Made people feel they belonged United behind the regime Expected to hang swatika flags out of their windows on parade days
4.2 Book Burning
4.3 Torchlight Procession - caught people's attentions by the dramatic procession
4.3.1 Support of 100,000 SA men - shows their strength and mass
4.3.2 Marks the beginning of the National Revolution - obliged to salute the SA and SS units as they marched past
4.4 12 new national festivals
5 Sculptures and paintings
5.1 Edited to place Hitler at important events
5.2 Glorified Medieval Germany
6 Cinema and Theatre
6.1 Aims
6.1.1 Subconsciously delivering subliminal messages and reinforced prejudices
6.1.2 Understood it was a form of escapism so blatantly political films were too serious and risked boring the audience
6.2 Minister of Propaganda privately bought out the 4 major film companies in Germany
6.3 Reich Film Chamber
6.3.1 Regulate the content of films Foreign films not banned outright but were carefully examined Most American films banned with the exception of Disney films Banned pacifists films
7 Education
7.1 Editing Text Books
7.1.1 Maths - war calculations
7.1.2 History - Treaty of Versailles, November Criminals
7.1.3 Girls taught how to be good wife and mothers
7.2 Only Nazi Teachers
8 Music
8.1 Nazi Songs
8.2 Banning of Some Music Forms
8.2.1 The Swing Movement - Rebelious teenagers
8.2.2 Jazz- it's foreign black roots Experimental music Jewish Composers.
8.2.3 Aims to write opera which arouse patriotic and nationalist feeling
8.3 Reich Music Chamber - control music production Promote Nazi approved music
9 Censorship
9.1 Jews, Communists and Socialists
9.1.1 Ban on political parties, publication of newspapers, books, pamphlets and posters
9.1.2 Purged from media and art
9.2 Newspapers
9.2.1 Editors were held responsible detailed daily instructions of what is and what is not to be published
9.3 Books
9.3.1 Goebbles drew up a list of 'damaging and undesireable literature'
9.3.2 Gestapo and SD had rights to search any bookshops and libraries
9.4 Films - Viewing of scripts before films were even made
9.4.1 Only 14% politically themed - where people went to get away from real life
10 Olympic Games
10.1 Positive Image
10.1.1 No expense spared in building the Olympic Stadium which held 100,000 people. Became a symbol of the rivival and confidence of German people under the Nazi Regime
10.1.2 Open Ceremony -Hindenburg flew over the stadium trailing the Olympic flag - thousands of people in a choir sang the Horst Wessel song - Swastika flags were flow with Olypic flags around Berlin
10.2 Propaganda
10.2.1 Anti-Semitic propaganda was stopped for the duration of the games
10.2.2 'Jews not welcome' signs removed Police rounded up known criminals and 'workshy' and held them in detention while the games were in progress
10.3 Sports
10.3.1 Great emphasis was placed on sport The master race was physically and mentally superior so for schools and youth organisations many sport activities were introduced
10.3.2 no Jews on the German Olympic team and they did win 89 medals, however the star of the Olympics was black American Jesse Owens who won 4 gold medals
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