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Access to Clean Water


Access to clean water project
Mind Map by samy.haouara, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by samy.haouara over 6 years ago

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Access to Clean Water
  1. Drinking water?
    1. Sanitation?
      1. Water development process ?
    2. Solutions
      1. Clean Water Act ? (laws and regulations in the US)
        1. Wastewater management (discharge pollutants into waters)
          1. Avoid and minimize losses to wetlands and other water sources
            1. Maximise their potential in developing countries
              1. Be aware of the climate
              2. Conduct the clean water to the inhabitants
                1. Water treatment
                2. Filtration
                  1. Lifestraw
                3. In which countries/continents to we plan to work ?
                  1. Africa ?
                    1. Sub-Saharan African
                    2. Asia ?
                      1. Rural areas
                        1. South America
                        2. South Asia
                        3. Middle-East
                        4. Access to clean water in great cities
                          1. Reduce pollution
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