Constructing Deviance

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Part IV

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Constructing Deviance
  1. Moral Enterprise
    1. Moral Entrepreneurs- people (rule creators) that make deviance
      1. Moral Panic-created by rule creators; threat of society promotes terror. Goal to achieve dominance of moral perceptions/values.
        1. Moral Conversion- rule creators convince others of their views
        2. Social Power through Labeling- certain groups with high social power define deviance apply labels to others.
          1. Money through politics/social class and laws through race/ethnicity/gender/age subordination
            1. Privileged groups fight labels to maintain positive image
            2. Drug Scares & Drug Laws
              1. 1) Temperance Movement against alcohol (late 1800s). Ended with prohibition laws of 1919. Made alcohol scapegoat for deviance.
                1. 3) Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914: 6 year nationwide scare against opiates/cocaine because of addict pop. shifting to white middle class to working class/African Americans.
                  1. 2) Antiopium den ordinance of 1875. First real drug law. Campaign targeted eliminating the mass of Chinese immigrants in tight job market.
                    1. 4) Illegalization of Weed in 1937: used racial fears, class conflict, & manipulated press, nicknaming it "killer weed" used solely for pleasure
                      1. Contain 7 Ingredients: (1 Kernel of Truth (2 Media Magnification (3 Politico-Moral Entrepreneurs (4 Professional Interest Groups (5 Historical Context of Conflict (6 Linking a Form of Drug Use to a "Dangerous Class" (7 Scapegoating a Drug for a Wide Array of Public Problems
                        1. Used to advance capitalism to build a post modern, mass consumption culture
                        2. Status Politics create successful moral crusades from privileged class. Moral entreprenuer mobilize power through threat & public awareness, create solution & overcome resistence.
                          1. ex: Anti-smoking campaign; successfully associated deviance w/lower classes
                          2. Reputations
                            1. Claimsmakers seek concern about social problems w/press, public, policymakers
                              1. Good or bad, they construct social problems
                                1. Blowback- unanticipated negative consequence of social action.
                                  1. Claimsmaking Rhetoric via Disney
                                    1. Christian Right- attacked Disney as a front for counter-cultural values via affiliates such as MIramax
                                      1. Progressives- argue Disney teaches kids to learn capitalism, sexism, etc.
                                        1. Social Scientists- megaconglomerate puts profit-making above all other goals
                                      2. Legitimated Suppression of Minority Communties
                                        1. Police gang units target Mexican people hidden via code words. Aggressive differential policing created divide w/barrio & police
                                          1. Created "ecological contamination:" gangs are contagious in poor communities. Supports "minority group threat" theory- rise of ppl of color generates moral panic.
                                            1. Police legitimatized social control of poor/minority communities to include perceived crime.
                                            2. Homophobia & Women's Sport
                                              1. Research concluded athletes have internalized social stereotypes- women athletes are lesbians & negativism toward lesbiansim.
                                                1. Women athletes accepted stereotype and exhibit homophobia themselves
                                                  1. Created disempowerment for women athetes, reducing their potential. Actual lesbian athletes deny their status, making lesbian athlete invisible.
                                                  2. Mark of a Criminal Record
                                                    1. Having a criminal record leads to consequences of employment.
                                                      1. Race effects employment opportunities. Combined w/criminal record employment is near impossible
                                                        1. "Crime control" policies exacerbate the conditions that cause initial crime
                                                        2. Saints & Roughnecks
                                                          1. Roughneck youth was labeled deviant bc of poor class, though they were less deviant. Youths accepted label and most grew up to be deviants.
                                                            1. Saints, though more deviant than Roughnecks, were privileged class. Labeled as "good" and all but 1 grew up to be successful.
                                                              1. ex: Community reinforcement of class & deviance
                                                              2. Medical Crime & Deviance
                                                                1. Health care fraud $42 to $80 billion annually
                                                                  1. Doctors use their altruistic image, social status, & self-regulation to create white collar deviance
                                                                    1. Types
                                                                      1. Billing Schemes- over, duplicate billing, or billing when no service provided
                                                                        1. Prescription Violations- misprescribing/ overprescribing drugs
                                                                          1. Unnecessary Treatments/Tests/Surgery
                                                                            1. Medical Kickbacks- self-referrals, fee splitting
                                                                              1. Medcaid Fraud
                                                                              2. Effects: HMO's created to deter deviance. Corporatization altered view of doctors from altruistic to CEOs.
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