Structure of the Deviant Act

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Part 7: Structure of the Deviant Act

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Structure of the Deviant Act
  1. Deviant acts are accomplished by individuals, 2+ team, or conflict between involved parties.
    1. Conflictual & expoitive deviance is all time high globally. ex:: fraud, hacking, mail-order brides.
    2. Artificial Love: The Secret World of iDollators: Herman-Kinney et all studied men who use sex dolls, but hide bc of the stigmatizm.
      1. Concluded that iDollators become involved by trauma, by interest, or hiding homosexuality. iDollators are not all pervs, rather they are hurt, lonely or depressed. Individual deviance has to develop extensive rationales & manage poss discovery.
      2. Subculture & Community: Pain & Authenticity in SM Play: Staci Newmahr studied sexual deviance in a SM club
        1. Concluded SM participants seek emotional, physical, & psychological experiences, not a performance. They seek 4 types of pain: transformed, sacrificial, investment, and autotelic. They view processing pain as pleasurable.
          1. Power Exchange, attempt to achieve authentic experiences of power imbalances within social. legal and ethical limitations.
        2. Selling Excitement: Gender Roles at the Male Strip Show: Maren Scull studied gender dynamics in usually female dominant role.
          1. Concluded that men are in control, just as women are in strip clubs. The male strippers display hypermasculinity, which eventually put women back into traditional roles. They use domination, aggressive touching, & humiliation reinforce conventional norms.
            1. Gender Role Transcendence- male strip show encourages a reversal of gender roles of both stripper and patron.
          2. Sexual Assault on Campus: Armstrong et all studied explanations of fraternity rape.
            1. Approaches to sexual assault: (1 Psycholocial- labelling via perp or victim characteristics (2 "Rape Cullture"- rape myths & natural gender roles (3 How particular contexts are sexually dangerous
              1. Concluded that heterosexual scripts at parties and a framework for sexual assault. Educational programs & reduction of alcohol use can reduce the risk.
              2. Opportunity Structures for White-Collar Crime: Oskar Engdahl studied how a stockbroker committed fraud w/out suspect from regulators.
                1. Concluded that self-interest, low priority of control, and interpretative primary are barriers from suspecting criminals. Social positions strengthen economic crime. We can use these barriers to study and prevent white collar crime.
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