Social Organization of Deviance

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Part 6: Social Organization of Deviance

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Social Organization of Deviance
1 Social Organization Pyramid
1.1 Loners- keep deviance secret
1.2 Colleagues- coop with fellow deviants
1.3 Peers- Like colleagues but w/o minimal division of labor
1.4 Crew- 3+ ppl conduct sophisticated deviance
1.5 Formal Organizations- large crews, often global
2 White Collar Crime- focuses on corporate crime rather than street crime
2.1 Occupational Crime- Individuals acting on own behalf (employee, tax evasion)
2.2 Organizational Crime- committed by formal organization w/end goal for company
3 Drug Use & Diordered Eating Among College Women- Katherine Vecitis concluded college women misuse prescription drugs as loners rather than interact with other users. Street users are opposite and encourage use.
4 Cybercommunities of Self-Injury- Adler & Adler studied & concluded that internet offers separation & connection. Ppl can create their own culture. Self-Injurers have a double life- closed to normal interaction, open to internet.
5 On/Off-line Hacker Subcultures- Holt concluded that hacker subculture conceals blantant deviance. Online lacks uniformity & normal categorization. Offline is lacking discussion & not often done.
6 Gender & Victimization Risk among young Women in Gangs- Jody Miller studied & concluded women in gangs willingly traded for victimization within group but protection from ext enviornment.
7 Arena studied Hezbollah's global criminal operations. He concluded gradual decrease in state sponsorship of terrorism has forced terrorist orgs to seek alternative funding. Created a worldwide network to support criminal enterprise. Hezbollah is well prepared bc of this.
8 Elizabeth Bradshaw studied State-Corporate crime in the offshore oil industry. She concluded that the BP Oil Spill was motivated differential association theory: opportunity bc of close interactions between gov & industry to provide profit goal at expense of safety; lack of social control causing untold enviornmental damage.
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