Director of Progression

Adam Whitlock
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Director of Progression
1.1 121 Meetings
1.1.1 Morning Advisory
1.2 Mini-assemblies
1.3 Oral Presentations
1.4 Collating
1.4.1 Marking Submitting EPQs by May
1.5 Supervising 3 students
2 UCAS Personal Statements
2.1 Russell Group University Advice
2.1.1 Interview Coaching
2.2 Editing & Feeback
2.3 Common Application Guidance (USA)
3 Higher-End Apprenticeships
3.1 Promotion
3.1.1 Mini-Assemblies Application Support References Mock Presentations Interview Coaching
4 References
4.1 Employment references
4.2 Curriculum Vitae Editing
4.3 Interview Coaching
4.4 Teacher support
5 Social Mobility Opportunities
5.1 Research
5.1.1 Promotion Application Guidance Trips & Visits Check Attendance %
5.2 Collate future pathways
6 Alumni
6.1 Database
6.1.1 Promotion Termly Events Post-18 Support
7 Summer Schools
7.1 Promotion
7.1.1 Application Support References
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