Microwave oven

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about microwaves

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Microwave oven
  1. Advantages
    1. Warms leftovers
      1. faster
        1. retains nutrients
          1. tastes better
          2. Defrosts meat
            1. turns the food
              1. separates the pieces
                1. Allows large items to stand for complete defrosting
                  1. Use immediately
                  2. Softens brown sugar if used immediately
                    1. Plumps Raisins
                      1. Freshens snacks and chips
                        1. Eliminates extra oils and fats in preparing foods
                        2. Acceptable dishes for microwave
                          1. paper
                            1. plastic
                              1. glass
                              2. Unacceptable Dishes
                                1. metal
                                  1. dishes with gold or silver
                                  2. Acceptable coverings
                                    1. paper towels
                                      1. wax paper
                                        1. plastic wrap
                                        2. Unacceptable covings
                                          1. eggs in shells
                                            1. pancakes
                                              1. popcorn
                                                1. canning foods
                                                  1. deep-fry foods
                                                    1. large amounts of food
                                                    2. Techniques for cooking
                                                      1. Stirring
                                                        1. Turning over
                                                          1. Standing time
                                                            1. Shielding
                                                              1. Covering
                                                                1. Arrange food in circular shape
                                                                  1. Rotating
                                                                    1. Pricking
                                                                      1. select foods of the same size
                                                                      2. Cooking hints
                                                                        1. Density affects cooking time
                                                                          1. Bony pieces of chicken - put on outside
                                                                            1. Cold foods take longer to cook than room temperature foods
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