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Mind map of microwave notes
Mind Map by elizabeth.mooers, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by elizabeth.mooers over 6 years ago

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  1. Advantages
    1. Warms Up Left overs
      1. Defrosts Meat
        1. Softens Brown Sugar
          1. plumps raisins
            1. Freshens Snacks and chips
              1. Eliminates extra oils and fats in preparing foods
                1. Cooks food quickly with a higher quality
                2. Been around since 1945
                  1. Dishes acceptable for the microwave:
                    1. paper
                      1. plastic
                        1. glass
                          1. microwavable dishes
                          2. Dishes not acceptable for the microwave:
                            1. metal
                              1. Dishes with gold or silver on it
                              2. Acceptable Dish Coverings:
                                1. paper towels
                                  1. Wax paper
                                    1. plastic wrap
                                    2. Foods that should not be microwaved:
                                      1. Eggs in shells
                                        1. pancakes
                                          1. popcorn
                                            1. canning foods
                                              1. deep fry foods
                                                1. large amounts of food
                                                2. Tehchniques:
                                                  1. STirring
                                                    1. turning over
                                                      1. standing time
                                                        1. shielding
                                                          1. covering
                                                            1. rotatuing
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