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Microwave Catie Pelfrey


Microwave notes for Cooking for Healthy Living class
Hailey Stevens
Mind Map by Hailey Stevens, updated more than 1 year ago
Hailey Stevens
Created by Hailey Stevens over 6 years ago

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Microwave Catie Pelfrey
    1. Eggs in shells
      1. Popcorn
        1. Canning foods
          1. Pancakes
            1. Deep-fry foods
              1. Large amounts of food
              2. Advantages
                1. warms leftovers
                  1. defrosts meat
                    1. softens brown sugar
                      1. plumps raisins
                        1. freshens snacks and chips
                          1. eliminates extra oils and fats when preparing foods
                            1. cooks faster
                            2. Dishes
                              1. Acceptable: paper, plastic, glass, and microwavable dishes
                                1. Unacceptable: metal and dishes with gold or silver on it
                                2. Techniques
                                  1. Stirring
                                    1. to pull heated part of food to the center
                                    2. Turning over
                                      1. to microwave all sides
                                      2. Standing time
                                        1. allowing foods to cook completely
                                        2. Shielding
                                          1. small pieces of foil used to cover wings or legs of poultry
                                          2. Covering
                                            1. retains nutrients
                                              1. holds in moisture
                                                1. speeds up cooking
                                                2. Arrange food in circular shape
                                                  1. to make cooking even
                                                  2. rotating
                                                    1. makes cooking even
                                                    2. Pricking
                                                      1. to keep from exploding
                                                      2. Select foods of the same size
                                                        1. cooks evenly
                                                      3. Cooking Hints
                                                        1. foods at refrigerator and freezer take longer to cook than those at room temperature
                                                          1. density affects cooking time
                                                            1. put bony pieces of chicken on the outside
                                                              1. microwaved cook by entering the foods by the outside edges
                                                              2. Cover containers with plastic wrap, paper towels, wax paper or a lid.
                                                                1. Prevent burning yourself when cooking remember:
                                                                  1. foods can create hot containers
                                                                    1. items can explode (poke them with a fork)
                                                                      1. lifting the cover or plastic from the food can cause a burn
                                                                        1. hot steam escaping can cause a burn
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