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map of advantages of a microwave, tips and hints

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  1. Advantages
    1. 1.Warms up leftovers..faster, retains nutrients, tastes better
      1. 2. Defrosts Meat
        1. turn the food, separate the pieces, stand for complete defrosting, eat immediately
        2. 3. Softens brown sugar if used immediately
          1. 4. plumps raisins
            1. 5. Freshens snacks and chips
              1. 6. Eliminates extra oils and fats in preparing foods
                1. 7.Has made an impact on today's lifestyle and cooking habits
                  1. 8. Cook foods with higher qualities
                2. Dishes for the microwave: paper, plastic, and glass
                  1. unacceptable dishes: metal, dishes with gold and silver on them
                  2. pancakes, popcorn, canning food, deep-fry foods and large amounts of food should not be microwaved.
                    1. Techniques: Stirring, turning, shielding, covering etc.
                      1. Cooking hints
                        1. Density affects cooking time
                          1. Bony pieces of chicken- put on outside
                            1. Microwaved cook by entering the foods by the outside edges
                            2. Cooking Tips:
                              1. Stir and rotate dish while microwave so it is evenly reheated
                                1. Covering foods will help hold the mositure
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